Several Things You Did Not Know About People Living with Sickle Cell Anemia

1. People with sickle cell are living much longer and healthier lives

2. People with sickle cell can experience necrosis (Bone loss) which will lead to joint replacement as young as 20 years old

3. People with sickle cell may have a damaged spleen

4. People with sickle cell can become sick just by hearing bad news

5. Flu shots, vaccines, western medication, and other foreign substances can make people with sickle cell even more sick

6. People with sickle cell can be in pain but look totally fine

7. Not all people with sickle cell likes taking pain medication

8. People with sickle cell can avoid all of these sicknesses by adopting healthy holistic lifestyles and taking the right herbs

For holistic health coaching, herbs, and or to learn more about sickle cell anemia contact me at

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