Caring For A Child With Sickle Cell Anemia

Caring for your child with sickle cell anemia is a very important process. There's a few simple steps you must implement in your child's precious life to keep them happy, healthy, and pain free. Sickle Cell Anemia is a blood disorder plagued in the so called black and latino community that cause red blood cells to become sickled shape and breaks down in the body which causes extreme pain. This happens when the body is dehydrated, stressed, acidic, and when an infection is present in the body. I am going to highlight 7 ways you can help your child prevent frequent pain crisis and hopefully lessen visits to the hospital.

1. KEEP YOUR CHILD WELL HYDRATED: Keeping your child hydrated with fresh spring water will increase the amount of oxygen supply to the blood. Water will help slow down the sickling process and help keep the red blood cells nicely rounded and plump. If your child is having trouble remembering to drink water, set a timer, this way both of you can be accountable and stay on schedule.

2. ELIMINATE WHITE SUGAR, TABLE SALT, AND WHITE FLOUR: Let me make it more plain... Fast food, soda, sugary fruit juices like koolaide, processed sugar like donuts, cookies, cakes, crackers, Aunt Jemima pancakes mix and syrup, pop tarts, oatmeal cream pies, little debbie and all her friends like hostess and them, will cause your child to become dehydrated, and also increase acid, mucus, fungus, yeast, and inflammation in the body. Also eliminate pork, crabs, shrimp, and lobster which also cause inflammation and other ailments in the body. Inflammation in the body can lead to bone loss which can also lead to early joint replacements. Allowing your child to indulge in junk foods is a sure way to keep your child in pain and in the hospital.

3. ADOPT HEALTHY EATING HABITS: The younger you teach your child how to eat clean, the better they will look and feel as they get older. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, and nuts should be your child's staple diet. Eliminate processed meat like hotdogs and deli meat. Also decrease the amount of meat and poultry you give your child. If you do feed your child meat, they do not have to eat it in every meal or every day. Look for hormone free poultry or find an Amish butcher. Use pink himalayan sea salt and spelt flour as alternatives. Familiarize yourself with plant based iron and protein. Research herbs, vitamins, and minerals to give your child daily. Participate in a plant based cooking class you and your child can attend together.

4. KEEP YOUR CHILD FREE FROM INFECTIONS: Teach your child healthy habits such as hand washing, not drinking from other people's cups or using used utensils, and proper oral hygiene to prevent unnecessary germs from entering into their little systems.

5. HOLISTIC HEALTH PROFESSIONAL: Find a holistic health practitioner or herbalist in your area to learn more about sickle cell and how to treat it holistically. They can also prescribe you herbal remedies and supplements that can keep your child healthy.

6. ELIMINATE STRESS AND ANXIETY: Stress and anxiety is a way to trigger sickle cell pain. Very bad news, death in the family, provoking or being provoked to fight and argue, and getting bullied or teased can all be triggers. If you have toxic behavior in your home, eliminate it immediately. Consider homeschooling. Set a peaceful atmosphere in your home. Invest in a diffuser for aromatherapy with young living essential oils. Teach your child the importance of rest after a couple of hours of paying outside. Never let your child run themselves but also do not allow them to become couch potatoes.

7. ADOPT A HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE: Teach your child how to pray to The Heavenly Father daily. Meditate, keep a positive attitude, and stay calm. Try herbal remedies rather than prescription drugs. Keep your child vaccination free. Implement stretching and light exercising. Get fresh air and sunlight as much as possible. Juice everyday.

For health coaching services, herbs, and or to learn more about caring for your child with sickle cell anemia, write us and put in your contact information at

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