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Locs should remain light in weight and as clean a possible, Well oiled and smelling good. This 3 in 1 package will do just that. Our shampoo is packed with stimulating herbs, it's is designed to help Ph balance of your hair, tames the itch, kill germs, and remove build up as well as promote hair growth. The Wild Hair Growth Serum keeps your Locs moisturized and packed with nutrients, And the Hydrator is a daily leave in spray to keep your Locs soft and well maintained.



  • Rose Citrus Herbal Shampoo (16oz)
  • The DIY Hydrator leaves in Tea Bath & Spray Herbs (enough for 5 bottles)
  • Wild Hair Growth Serum (6oz)



This product is handmade in the United States. Ready to ship in 2–3 weeks.

Loc Lovin Therapeutic Blend

  •  Aloe, Lemon, Rosemary, Nettle, and the best oils and herbs