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Pre and Postnatal Vitamins Take during and after delivery.


Optimal Support Therapy 16oz (Moringa Goji berry powder Nettles Vitamin C) Self explanatory Build up your blood for your delivery date (reorder after delivery) Great for immunity buildup.


Herbal Sitz Bath 16oz

Sit in this tea to heal and soothe your lady parts after delivery. Great for mommy and baby

Herbs for postpartum steaming (different from regular vaginal steaming herbs)

Batyah Belly Body Butter

Birth & Postpartum Nutrition Box for Mama

  • Due to the type of products being sold, returned products are not accepted. 

    If a package is lost or damaged, please contact Cocoa Fresh and together, we will determine a solution. In most cases, replacements can be sent for lost or damaged products. If you are unhappy due to the choice of fragrance, refunds cannot be processed.

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