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Yo'ela's Traditional Postpartum Service

Let Yo'ela guide you through the delicate postpartum period, offering a seamless blend of ancient remedies and expertise. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to your well-being, Yo'ela is dedicated to ensuring you experience the joy of motherhood while receiving the support you deserve.



Receive expert guidance from Yo'ela. She will address your concerns, offering a compassionate space to navigate the challenges and joys of postpartum life. 

$180 (valued at $500)


6 - week supply of Blood-building Herbs

These iron-rich herbs help in restoring hemoglobin levels, combatting fatigue, and promoting overall well-being. Yo'ela ensures that you receive the nourishment you need for a healthy recovery.

$100 (valued at $200)


6 - week supply of Sitz Bath

Sitz bath are proven to help alleviate discomfort and promotes healing after childbirth by reducing swelling and aiding in the recovery of tearing. Let Yo'ela help you have a soothing and healing experience.

$100 (valued at $200)


Ancient Postpartum Remedy Recipe Vault

Get access to a treasure trove of time-tested recipes aimed at nurturing mothers during the delicate postpartum period. Yo'ela will walk you through the process of integrating these ancient recipes into your daily routine with ease, ensuring a smoother transition into motherhood.

$75 (valued at $200)


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In ancient times, the prevention of postpartum depletion and depression was approached through a variety of methods deeply rooted in traditional practices. Across diverse cultures, holistic well-being during the postpartum period was a paramount concern. These historical approaches, based on a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of physical and mental health, laid the foundation for the holistic methods we explore in the "Ancient Methods of Preventing Postpartum Depletion and Depression" course, blending timeless wisdom with modern understanding.


Learn how to create a healthy environment for your family and newborn without feeling depressed and depleted from giving birth.

Discover traditional diets and nutrition practices during the postpartum period.

Gain knowledge about practices, support systems, and customs aimed at promoting maternal well-being.

Examine the use of herbs and aromatherapy in ancient cultures to address postpartum concerns.

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