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Our Services

Cocoa Fresh now offers custom services for your mental, physical,
and reproductive well-being. Book us now for a consultation.

Holistic Health Consultations

As a holistic health coach and certified in Natural Holistic Remedies, I provide assistance in healing women from the inside out. We provide mental health services, detox services, personal training services, and doula services. Schedule a virtual appointment with me for a health consultation to come up with the best Suggestion Plan for your health goals.

Prenatal & Birth Planning

This session includes an extensive birth planning session that makes sure your preferences are clearly stated. It will help your health care provider understand your wishes. We will also cover an eating plan and while you are pregnant and education on how to prevent pregnancy complications. 

Customized Womb Steaming Plan
  • Womb steaming is an ancient practice that can recover our reproductive system. However we must know how to steam, what herbs are best for you,  and when to steam. This course will help you to determine what herbs to take and what time of the month is best to steam just for you. Your customized herbs will be included in this price. 32oz plus scoop. 

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