Cocoa-Fresh Ancient Herbal  Therapy

Cocoa-Fresh Ancient Herbal Therapy strives to bring you the best natural hair care supply possible. We use the best ingredients, the best oils, the best products We can possibly make!


Our formulas are tested over and over again until We are completely satisfied. Our products are tested on ourselves, family and friends.. until I feel 100% comfortable selling it to you!


All of my products are made in small batches. That way I have more quality control in each and every batch. I only use skin safe ingredients. My ingredients are gentle enough for mostly all skin types. They do not contain alcohol, waxes, fillers or harsh chemicals.


I don't use fragrance oils often, because of the chemical content. All of the smell goods in my products come from a blend of medicinal essential oil. 


It is our priority to help you find ways to destress  and make life a little easier.

Yo'ela Israel

Creator of Cocoa Fresh Ancient Herbal Therapy

Certified Fertility Advocate

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